GNOME 3 assistant for DevAssistant

UPDATE: Now you can just type “da pkg install gnome3” in your terminal!

Every time that you start to write a new application for your favorite Linux Desktop, in your favorite programming language, you must to do the same repetitive and annoying steps: checkout some cool GNOME application; copy some; some; perhaps a src/main.c… and after 15 minutes you are ready to rock the world.

A couple of weeks ago I published a GNOME 3 application template in C in my GitHub, but you need to edit a lot of files to adapt the code for your desired application name, so I start to write some bash scripts to automatize the task. Then I realized that DevAssistant allows you to create your own assistants, so I have written a DevAssistant that uses my template code as a base. You can check it out in my GitHub repository and create your GNOME applications at the speed of light, at least the basic scaffold, in the meantime that the promising Builder is available in our stable distributions.

The steps to create your own application you need DevAssistant version >= 0.10 (there is a COPR for Fedora 21) and follow this simple steps:

$ cd
$ git clone --recursive
$ export DEVASSISTANT_PATH=~/da-c-gnome3
$ da create gnome3 -n ~/myproject

The assistant is like a version so perhaps you can find some bugs. Please, let me know if you experiment some error with a comment or with a bug in GitHub.


4 thoughts on “GNOME 3 assistant for DevAssistant

    • Yes Slavek. I’ll expect this kind of bugs because I have published the code as soon as just works in my computer. So thanks! Your pull is already merge!

  1. Hi, a DevAssistant developer here. We are really happy that you took the time to create the Gnome 3 Assistant for DA, and we’d like to help you make it even better, so if you have any questions, fell free to reach out to us (contact info at

    Guessing from the layout of the GitHub repo, I assume that you created your Assistant package with the “dap” Assistant ( If it’s indeed the case, may I suggest that you use `da tweak dap pack` to package the Assistants in a DAP file, which then goes to the DAPI? If you do that, the users of your Assistants then don’t have to checkout the repo and/or export any variables, and they only need to run `da pkg install gnome3`. More info about packaging can be found at

    Thanks for the good work, and let us know if there’s something we can help you with.

    • Hi Tomas. Yes, create a DA package is on my plans, so I’ll create the pack following your comments ASAP. If I have some question I’ll find you in IRC. Thanks for your comments!

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