Forever onwards

The last few months have been a tough time for me. But things are getting better, step by step. I took the decision to change my job, moved to a new flat and landing a new job where I’m more confortable, developing in C, Python and something of GTK! (well, 2.4, nothing is perfect). I’m in Visual Tools right now, a little company that works with digital video, so I’m working with FFmpeg, RTSP, some GTK for the local interface and other cool stuffs.

During this time I’ve had some difficults to maintain Almanah and the Facebook integration in GNOME Photos as was required. But now I have found the time. A new version of Almanah is going to be released in a few days and I have updated the Facebook integration branch in GNOME Photos, so I hope that I have no problems to do the job for GNOME 3.12.