Status update

GObject library for Instapaper

I have been working in a GObject library for Instapaper API for a while, just for take some experience with librest. At the moment, you can only retrieve your bookmarks list and get the text content (parsed by Instapaper from the original URL). You can check it in my GitHub. The plans it’s to build a simple read-it-later like (I really like Words for Mac, here a review) application for GNOME 3, but without a clear roadmap or any deadline.


After releasing three new versions for Almanah, 0.10.8 with tag support for test purpose; 0.9.1 and 0.10.1 with a critical bug fixed affecting the database encryption, it’s time to return the proposed roadmap and start to work in the SQLite VFS for a better diary database security. I’m very exciting about this work, because I have never work in something like that, something that this kind of “low-level” work. I hope to have something visible in one week.


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